How your smartphone can be your banking & budgeting best friend!

Come talk to us at Winslow Community Federal Credit Union to find out more about our mobile or online banking apps. Being able to check your account balance, view transaction history, transfer funds, pay loans and set up bill pay on the go is so convenient. Plus, there are other tools to help.


Don’t you wish budgeting was easy?

Well, now it can be. Thanks to ever-evolving technology, there seems to be an app for just about everything. You can now turn to your smartphone for financial tips. The following apps can help you save money, budget for upcoming expenses and avoid hassles such as overdraft or late fees. After linking your checking or savings account to these apps, you can monitor your spending habits, set alerts for bills and even set limits on your daily spending.


Mint is a secure app that will update you on any unusual charges and sends you personalized tips on how to budget your money based off of your spending habits. Also, Mint includes your credit score so that you can see effects of your financial decisions on a greater level. Oh, and it’s free!


Wally, also free, is a budgeting app that is simply an expense tracker. You can either enter your expenses manually or take a photo of your receipt. Wally will notify you when bills are due, and when you reach your savings goals. It will monitor your spending habits, and create goals that are personalized for you.


One of the more fun budgeting apps to use is called Unsplurge. Basically, this app is all about saving about for specific splurges. Budgeting seems to be so much easier when you are saving up for a splurge, rather than for rent or student loan payments. You can slowly put money away with Unsplurge, and it will notify you when you’ve finally saved up enough money.