Winter is a great time to get out and enjoy the snow, but winter sports can be expensive. Not only do you need equipment and cold weather gear, but you also need to pay fees to access ski slopes and other recreational areas. Here are some tips to lower your expenses — without staying home!

Borrow first

If you’re new to winter sports, don’t rush out and start spending. Go on a few trips with your friends who may let you borrow their snowmobile or other recreational vehicle. If you are looking to start skiing or snowboarding, rent from a resort and try out different sizes and styles. If you are interested in ice fishing, tag along with a friend and try their gear. Before investing in a new winter sport or activity, you want to make sure that you really enjoy it and plan on doing it in the years to come. Always try to learn as much as you can before committing financially.

Find used gear

Once you’ve decided you love your chosen winter sport, check for deals on used equipment. You can visit used sporting goods stores in your area or check Craigslist for sale items. If you do buy off Craigslist or another online source, stay safe and set up a meeting at a public place rather than your or the seller’s home.

Look for used clothing, too

Winter clothing can be another steep expense, so seek snow bibs, sports goggles, boots, and parkas at used clothing stores and sporting goods shops to save!

Buy passes

Ski lift tickets can run as much as $129 per day, so if you plan to ski or snowboard at a particular resort multiple times during the season, check to see if an unlimited pass or a multipack costs in comparison to the single-day pass.

If you’re more of a cross-country or snowmobiler, you might find that you can save significantly on parking fees by purchasing a yearly pass — this will give you access to those same areas for summer fun, too.

Come see us!

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