SURF ATM Network LogoWith ATM fees hitting a record high for the 11th year in a row, it’s a great time to be a credit union member!

According to a recent study, the average total cost of an out-of-network ATM withdrawal is now $4.69, up 2.6% from $4.57 last year. The average ATM surcharge hit a new record for the 13th year in a row, rising to $2.97 from $2.90 last year. The average fee charged by a consumer’s own financial institution for going outside the ATM network increased 3% to $1.72, also a new high.

Thanks to the SURF Surcharge-Free ATM Network, CU members save an average of $300 a year on surcharge fees. No matter where you are in the state – from Portland to Presque Isle, or Brunswick to Bethel, when you see the SURF Dude logo, you know that your ATM experience will be fee-free! With the SURF network, “no fees” means just that. Not only will you see no fees at your ATM, there are no hidden fees anywhere else!

You have access to the largest surcharge-free ATM network in Maine. With over 250 locations, members have surcharge-free access covering the entire state! Don’t forget, in addition to accessing cash, you can also make deposits at some ATMs with no extra fees – so you can take your credit union with you, wherever you go.

Finding a SURF ATM is easy. Look for the SURF Dude logo or visit for a complete listing of the SURF ATM locations in Maine.